What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Frank Miller?

Caricature of Frank Miller
by What Went Wrong With
May 25, 2013

Graphic Novels along with Comic Books have and always will be targeted toward a certain section of society.
A section that has no attention span for real literature, has misconceptions about real art, and is a lover of prejudice, violence, and patriotism.
These nerds and shut-ins who neither have the guts nor the constitution for real-life events or situations, have been facilitating the creation and consumption of numerous poorly written, badly drawn Graphic “Novels” for many years.

The biggest, most inartistic twat in this circle of crap graphics; is Frank Miller.
A Freddy Kruger looking motherfucker, who has made a career by illustrating the most banal piles of shit to ever grace paper, and who seems to insert the corniest, most dumbed-down dialogue into as many speech bubbles as possible as if he was channelling an illiterate, mentally-challenged spirit.
Because of the amount of “fans” he has gathered over the years, Hollywood has over the past decade or so optioned most of his work and allowed many of his trashy “novels” to become celluloid. The word “Fans”, which translates into “buyers” to any Hollywood executive, is the reason why we are subjected to live-action versions of his talent-less, tree-destroying hate-fests.

Wannabe hip directors like Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder have given these tales of racism, sexism, misogyny, and homophobia a greater audience.
The fact that these two directors are minorities, as are many of the actors in these films, just goes to show how ignorant and blind this new breed of Hollywood sell-outs really are.
Take a look at any Frank Miller comic, and if you ignore the same-same monotony of his illustrations, you can bear witness to blatant hatemongering and propaganda.
I cannot be bothered to go through this prick’s entire bibliography, but a quick glance at his works pretty much ticks off every category in a list of hatred.
300 was racist, homophobic, prejudice, and historically inaccurate. Sin City was misogynistic and sexist.
And Holy Terror was the most xenophobic, racist, prejudice, Islamophobic bullshit known to man.

Even in real life, Miller with his pointless rants toward left-wing, tolerant sections of society, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, proves that this cunt is a hate-filled, hate-preaching, has-been.
The days of a fictional Captain America punching a two-dimensional Hitler have not faded away. A pussy like Frank Miller has regurgitated everything abhorrent about comics and brought them to a modern day mainstream audience. Miller, who has made it his life’s work to imagine the defeat of an enemy, rather than physically fight against it, is the very person that the right-wing pro-war Conservatives hate. A fucking puny nerd who is too scared to join the Military is the exact opposite of the crowd he is trying so hard to fit into.
The day he decides to practice what he preaches, and “fight” the supposed enemy, the staggering reality would dawn on him.
Talking shit is much easier than doing shit, and in this real three dimensional physical world, Frank Miller’s withered, skinny-arse frame wouldn’t even survive the journey to the Middle East, let alone the actual combat.
Although I think many people would rejoice if he got his decrepit arse blown off the fucking map.

Miller Time Is Over.

via What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Frank Miller?.

via What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Frank Miller?.



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