Greenpeace – white-men, western environmental (or any activism) hypocrisy

What a hypocrisy !

greenpeace hypocrisy

What about Alaskan and Yukon polar circle territories, not to mention Canadas’ vast peatlands and oil sand fields, and British and US oil and gas corporations ?!?

Champions League game in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is like those English (British) and American activists who were attacking Chinese and their athletes carrying Olympic torch in Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, London, UK and on US soil, because of human rights abuse of indigenous people of Tibet by Chinese govt !?
Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, USA
Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, USA.

“No Olympic torch in Tibet” – What about “indian reservations” or Hawaii, or what about Palestine, mamu vam ‘bem (motherfuckers) ?!?!

Attack on Chinese girl in wheelchair in Paris, France.
Attack in London, UK.

Brits & Americans and indigenous people, what a tragicomedy !

Now, western environmentalists of Greenpeace and US and Canada oil and gas exploitation, what a tragicomedy !

Greenpeace activists target Real Madrid press conference, leaving Carlo Ancelotti looking bemused

Simon Rice

Monday 09 December 2013

Champions League sponsor Gazprom were the target

Despite getting in so much trouble during a protest in Russia recently, Greenpeace activists haven't been put off taking on some of the world's greatest powers – in this case Real Madrid.

The most powerful football club on earth, which during the summer spent £86m on a single player in the shape of Gareth Bale, were today targeted by activists raising awareness of potential damage caused to the Arctic by the extraction of natural gas.

As Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti and defender Pepe spoke to the press ahead of their Champions League game against FC Copenhagen, a banner with the words “Save the Arctic, show Gazprom the red card” unfurled behind them.

Gazprom are one of the sponsors of the Champions League.

It is likely FC Copenhagen will be punished for the incident. After activists interupted a Champions League game in October with a massive banner at St Jakob Stadium, Basel were fined £25,000.



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